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What if I'm not satisfied with my first lesson?
If for whatever reason you're unsatisfied with your first hour, just let us know (within 24 hours of the lesson), and it's free.

However, please note that we do charge in full for no-shows.

As of the time of writing this FAQ, we've never had a single refund request.
Do online video lessons really work as well as being in the same room?
YES. Even the most skeptical are extremely satisfied with this method, and long term results are exactly the same. As long as you have access to the internet, you can have lessons from the comfort of your home, with no need to worry about coordinating travel, etc.

In fact, it's our opinion that online lessons work BETTER. Aside from the increased comfort and convenience, you can look straight ahead and see what your instructor is drawing on screen and simultaneously converse face-to-face. This is impractical when in the same room, since working on a table means the sheet is upside-down for one person, awkwardly straining your neck, etc.

Give online lessons a try - you won't regret it.
Will you give me a study routine to follow?
Yes. You'll get a study guide with a dozen customized study schedules to choose from, and a progress chart to track your scores as they increase.
Do I have to commit to a weekly schedule?
No. We don't require any commitment, and after your first lesson you can feel free to schedule further sessions whenever you'd like.
How does payment work?
Before the first lesson, we take your credit/debit card number, and bill for each lesson after it takes place.
Do you offer any package deals?
We do, from time to time. Please inquire about this.
What's your cancellation policy?
Due to scheduling, we require a strict 24 hours of notice for any cancellation, no matter the reason. If something comes up and you have to cancel at the last minute, try to show up for as much of the lesson as you possibly can.

We bill in full for no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Prior to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time, you can cancel for any reason - just let us know.
How often and for how long should I schedule lessons?
This varies largely from student to student. We recommend starting with a 1-2 hour session, during which you'll get a study guide with a dozen customized study schedules. Depending on which one suits you, there will be different options for how to intersperse lessons.

Most students tend to meet for 2-4 hours per week (either separated or in one chunk).

You can schedule lessons on a case-by-case basis.
Do I need any books or study materials?
Other than official prep tests, we don't use any prep materials, as most of them are a waste of time. We'll inform you on where to find official prep tests, if you don't already have access to them.
What do I need to do before my first lesson?
To get the most out of your first lesson, we recommend having a recently done diagnostic test that is representative of your current LSAT abilities. If you need help finding one, we'll show you where to go.
Does it matter whether I'm starting from scratch? What if I've taken an LSAT course or worked with another tutor?
Many of our clients began with us after seeing poor results elsewhere. This is very common as most LSAT prep courses and tutors are not very good, and unnecessarily complicate the test. We like being able to turn things around and show our clients just how easy the LSAT can be.

Whether you're starting from scratch or not, you're in good hands. Get ready to watch your score rise.
Can I speak with Nate on the phone before scheduling a lesson?
Yes. Click here to schedule a free phone consultation.